The Disowned Drunkard

Age: 26

Class: Gunslinger

Calph has gone through multiple phases of being my definitive main character. She took the position from Ziodus in February 2014, lost it to Pippera in April 2015, and gained it back again in April 2016. Since then, she’s lost the “PvP Republic Main” status to the new Sage, Vhiallia, who has subsequently become more active than her. I still consider her my main character for now, especially as the Gunslinger/Sniper class is the one with which I have most proficiency, particularly in a PvE environment.


Born to a senator and a soldier on Coruscant, the young Calph had numerous paths laid out for her as she was growing up; both parents were very keen for her to follow in their footsteps. Their plans were upset, however, when Calph snuck along to an anti-senatorial rally with her University friends, during which she was subjected to an unknown number of alcoholic beverages. The very next thing she knew, she was onboard a smuggler’s freighter to Nar Shaddaa, wearing nothing but a Cantina-dancer’s ‘uniform’. To make matters even more confusing, the crew with which she had now been signed up with kept referring to her by an entirely different name. Since this incident, having been disowned by her parents and unable to reclaim her old life, Calph started to make a name for herself on the smuggling scene, using her gains to drown memories of her failed past in drink.



The Elusive Jedi

Age: 32

Class: Guardian

Miorahna is only my second ever Jedi Knight, created in December of 2015. She swiftly managed to depose her predecessor, Rahnga, who is technically still my longest- serving character still in existence despite being left behind on The Harbinger. Her outfit is additionally my own personal pick for the best outfit which I have ever given to any single character of mine.


Once believed to be one of the most promising swordsmen of the Jedi Order and an almost guaranteed choice for the Jedi Council, Miorahna’s sudden self-exile from the Order is a mystery few could hope to explain. Some believe that she died in battle and the tale of self-exile is a complete myth, whilst others claim that she is searching for her second Padawan, whom several believe to have been claimed by the Dark Side of the Force.



The Constrained Learner

Age: 21

Class: Sage

Vhiallia was the first character created on The Red Eclipse following my transfer, making use of an Instant Level 60 Character token. Despite having been created solely with the Eternal Consular Achievement in mind, she has all but replaced Kirtahna as the “PvP Main” on the Republic Faction. She is also the first character who I am determined to keep completely neutral (not that that’s going to be hard as she is an Instant-60, but still). She turned into a Cathar when I realised whilst writing Character Connections that I needed to diversify my current character options.


Seemingly unable to cap her ambition, Vhiallia’s decision to depart her master’s side and seek out a powerful Sith Lord rumoured to haunt the mountains in the wilderness of Alderaan led to her body being possessed and used to serve the means of her target, himself but a non-corporeal spirit whose own body had died long before. Although she was able to eventually wrest control from the spirit after two months, she could not completely purge the interloper from her being, contrary to what she obstinately believes to this day. As a result, she finds herself indulging in seemingly random acts of passion and mass destruction, and has once been seen by a passer-by obliviously arguing in tears with herself; traits brought on by the constantly-nagging voice of the Sith spirit.



The Tenacious Veteran


Age: 37

Class: Commando

Ziodus is currently the longest-serving active character to have been transferred from The Harbinger, and was my Main Character from March 2013 until February 2014. He’s mainly kept around nowadays for the rare pets and mounts he possesses which no other character has, and is also the only character to have made any progress with Galactic StarFighter, having mastered 5 ships.


There isn’t much that the dogged soldier Ziodus can’t claim to have done during his time in the Republic military; his experience ranges from small-scale covert operations to large-scale ground invasions, and he’s also been able to take to the skies in his personalised Strike Fighter. As much as he owes his job to it, the war has started taking a toll on him, instilling fears that, due to his numerous campaigns, he is increasingly unlikely to father a child to carry on his family’s name. He has made it no secret that he hopes that the various uprisings of rogue Sith, notably the Dread Masters, will result in the Empire eventually acknowledging its faults and brokering a new peace.



The Discredited Officer

Age: Unknown (conflicting reports)

Class: Sniper

Despite losing the status of Main in April 2016 after a year in the position, Pippera has accomplished the most out of any character of mine during this time. She possesses nearly every single Operation title (only missing out on the Nightmare Power titles and The Eternal Warrior), and was also the first character on whom I discovered a new-found tolerance for PvP when the gear-prices were reduced in Patch 3.3. As a side-effect of being the undisputed Main at the time that Knights of the Fallen Empire was launched, she also has the most Companions at Influence 50; eleven.


Presently a member of the prestigious Cresh-7 Intelligence Team, Pippera’s youthful looks – an estimated physical age of around 19 – create an impression of inexperience which belies her skills in the field and creates a bizarrely confusing reconstruction of her past. Previous records indicate that she used to be an up-and-coming captain in the Imperial Military for three years before being captured by Gamorreans (losing her right hand in the process) and duly being relegated to supporting Intelligence in a non-essential role; it is believed that it was in this capacity that she was noticed by the Kel Dor operative Kars Danh, who quickly recruited her into his fledgling team the moment her punishment duties were ended.



The Principled Opportunist


Age: 26

Class: Juggernaut

Cynare is probably the only character whose continued existence relies entirely on his importance in another character-of-mine’s story rather than my own personal connection to him, and creating another Sith Warrior is really something I’m not that keen to do. There’s not all that much else to say about him, really.


The family of the Sith Lord Cynare is no stranger to the machinations of the Sith Academy, as its ancestors have been successfully branded as Sith Lords for upwards of seven generations. Only one member has been known to have failed their trials and perished; that being Cynare’s younger sister Fero’kia, who died pitifully against a young Tuk’ata just days after her introduction. His belief in the strength and honour of the Sith shaken in his guilt, perceived as rightful shame by his master and remaining next-of-kin, he resolved to rid himself of the constraints of the Sith and make his own way of life. His wish was granted when his master’s private shuttle was brought down by smuggled Republic ordnance; he argued successfully for his being granted a Lordship, and subsequently disappeared into Hutt Space, maintaining a curiously reclusive lifestyle for a member of such a prominent Sith family.



The Juvenile Acolyte

Age: 17

Class: Sorcerer

The first Light-Side Sith I ever created, Vahnora’s path made me realise the potential values of playing a Light-Sided Sith, which then led to a rapid reversal of Cynare’s then-current moral path to adhere to this alignment as well. Light-sided Sith are surprisingly very honour-bound, and it makes for a pleasant change compared to the “death, lightning, death!” of more Dark-Sided tendencies.


The childlike Twi’lek Vahnora was formerly a slave on a wealthy Balmorran Noble’s estate before being captured with several of her fellow slaves by Sith Raiders. Discovering that she was Force-sensitive, they immediately dispatched her to Korriban to be subjected to the vicious trials as an acolyte. Singled out from the first as a likely contender for Tuk’ata supper due to her apparent inability to unlock her true potential, Vahnora completely vanished without a trace from the Academy during the ‘simple’ task of clearing out a Shyrack infestation from one of the tombs. Although her bones have never been found, the overseers simply assumed that she had died a timely and unworthy death, another lost soul claimed by the Shyracks.



The Rebuilt Mutineer


Age: 23

Class: Mercenary

Phirella is the seventh Bounty Hunter to have joined the ranks. Although her predecessors rarely managed to secure themselves a ‘happy’ place amongst my characters – as in I could come up with neither a decent outfit nor a decent personal story – Phi has managed to surpass all of them and is a Hunter I’m actually proud of. Gasp.


Orphaned in a tram-crash on her homeworld of Corellia, which also badly damaged her face and robbed her of the use of her left eye, Phirella dropped out of subsequently state-funded education in order to pursue petty thievery with the objective of self-funding ‘luxury’ cybernetic implants deemed not necessary in reinforcing her face in the emergency surgery, such as an actual cybernetic eye. She was soon press-ganged into a gang of pirates who preyed on the Republic shipyards, who forced her to prove her skills with a blaster to determine whether or not she had any value. After becoming one of the more successful ‘tax agents’ of the gang, she encouraged a successful mutiny, before subsequently disappearing with the leader’s wealth. Using the skills she had gained, she turned to the profession of Bounty Hunting to ensure that she would keep moving from planet-to-planet to avoid the wrath of the vengeful mutineers.


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